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"In How to View the World from a Glass Prism, Salihu Mahe provides an instructional guide, albeit through the physics realm of a glass prism with its different perspectives and overviews of life, of individuality and identity. But what this collection does in tiny doses of short poems is explore the individual and individuality through a set of guides, as such this chapbook becomes a collection, a handbook for the individual across his journey of life." - Sada Malumfashi

“I read your book, I enjoyed it. Not the one to understand poetry but it was different with yours tbh, it didn’t give me the headache I get reading poetry.”

Bushra Maishanu

“#HTVTWFAGP is a life guide that we all need to navigate through life, it shows you how to view the world from many angles, am really proud to be part of this, we are proud of you man.”

Abdurrahman Liman


Dedicated to all the souls out there in search for their truths, I hope this light refracted from a glass prism shows you the way.

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Salihu Mahe

Salihu Mahe is a Nigerian writer and a freelance editor. He is an engineer by profession and a poet at night. He writes from the deepest parts of his heart. His writing is often motivated by nature, love, the psychology of human beings, morality and philosophical principles. He believes so much in humanity, peace and unity. His first published chapbook “How to View the World from a Glass Prism”, won Words Rhymes and Rhythms’ Green Author Prize for 2019. His works have appeared in Praxis Magazine, CWC Kongo Issue, The Shade of Women Foundation Issue among others.

“There’s a casual sagacity with which SalihuMahe wrote this poetry book that’s amusing, illuminating & overwhelming. He threw pills of wisdom coated in candy that’s sweet to swallow & leaves a lingering flavor on your tongue. I just can’t get over #HTVTWFAGP”


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